Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mobile uploads

I'd like to take the time to display my mobile uploads in concurrence with events and moments that have occured these last few months. Enjoy!

Nugget as a skeleton for Halloween

Our attempt at making a Jack Skellington Jack o' Latern

Here's husby unwrapping his gift, a new samsung LCD flat screen TV.

We had all you can eat ribs for Husby's birthday dinner. Yum! Robin's blueberry cornbread was to die for!

Getting crafty as I got ready making party items for nugget

Bloody Mary's Thanksgiving morning

Weak display of banchan during out dinner date

Nugget's smash cake

Holiday dessert buffet at work

Our yearly Xmas light outings

NYE 2009 dinner

The streets of Pasadena, day after the Rose Parade. Disgusting!

Here's a sample of the double chaise lounge that we're searching for


SinoSoul said...

furniture shopping is the DEATH of me, ditto to home remodeling. happy NY!

Tito Jong said...

hahahaha awwww Chase.

Damn, I'm trying to think of a pun with your double Chaise and Chase but, I can't come up with anything.

But, I've always wanted a double Chaise!