Saturday, January 16, 2010

Change. Take it how you will.

With all time that passes we each have some sort of change occuring in our lives. Whether it be good or bad differs with what we put forth in our lives and what we choose to take in.

In reflection of the last month and few months prior to 2009 ending I've had a multitude of blessings and heartache occur. I'd like to the take the opportunity to use this forum as my platform to share with you the up's and down's.

My last post noted a new change in where we would be residing. We officially moved in October of 2009.

A picture of the living room during the first stages of rennovation.

We didn't purchase a credenza so to speak but we did get an inexpensive storage unit to house our enormous collection of DVDs and display our photos. We laid it on its side to utilize the length of space. It's the expedit storage unit in dark brown from Ikea reasonably priced at $70.

I'm holding off on a tripod lamp. I just havent found one that I love. However I am in the market for a double chaise lounge sofa (Double chaise, double lounge factor!) and a butlers tray table/or stylish cabinetry to hold our ever growing liquor stash.

I was also in the first stages of planning for nugget's 1st birthday party. Unfortunately we did not end up celebrating due to a sudden case of a stomach virus that left us staying in the hospital for 3 nights. A very scary and uncomfortable episode for all of us. I am happy to report that nugget is doing much better and walking around all on his own! We had his party a couple of weeks after his intial date and almost everyone was able to make it. Thank you for those who did and made it that much more special!

A week before he got sick I landed a job that I had my eye on for a few months. I have to say it's a dream job and unfortunately can't divulge too much information about it. Let's just say it's a complete blessing!

Our 2nd Christmas together as a family was just as special as the first one, one week after bringing home baby from the hospital. We purchased another fresh tree and this year he had an official stocking hanging from the chimney. We spend the day with family and couldn't have had a better time. Pictures to be posted soon.

Our 2009 ended with a delicious home cooked dinner. I got a little fancy this time around and had a full course meal complete with wine and desserts. I took the time to make this one extra special. Afterall, I wanted to end the year and begin a new one with good food, drink and amazing company.

Here's the menu:

Sea scallops benedict over enoki mushrooms served with country ham grits, a salad of frisee & side of pickled cucumbers

Chinese 5 spice soup with bok choy & sweet potato

Nobu's miso marinated black cod with flash steamed baby zucchini

Grilled fillet mignon with freshly made bearnaise sauce topped with pan fried onions & yam mash

Several choices of dessert wines, dark chocolates and macarons

As noted in previous entries I'm a bit of a party hostess whore. I'm glad I could do this for my family. I'm looking forward to more dinner parties and events to host and hold. Next up, Super Bowl! Who's in? But first brain storming a menu.

These first few weeks of this new year is exciting and our outlook is promising. We have several trips lined up; Various aquariums, LV, SD, and Maui. We're trying to squeeze in a NYC trip but we're playing that by ear.

Hope all of your resolutions are stead fast and your new year is going just as smoothly. Good luck with all of your endeavors and best of the best for you and yours!

Thanks for your readership!


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