Monday, August 10, 2009

Alternative uses- AltUse

So you've bought a bulk jar of mayo (cause you're out and making sandwiches for lunch) at the warehouse grocers thinking, "I'd save some money and still put it all to good use." Think again! So, what do you do with all that mayo that you've repackaged into smaller containers because the original bulk jar itself doesn't fit into your fridge? No worries. Here's where AltUse comes in handy.

AltUse believes that items have several alternative uses besides what they were intended for all while helping you reduce waste, promote saving the environment and saving you money.

Being a child of the 80's I've always known that mayo is not only a great slather for your sammie but can substitute as hair conditioner (not that I've ever tried myself). Okay so after you've hair conditioned several times and made sandwiches several times, you're still left with lots of mayo. Bad example, I know.
But all of those coffee grounds from cups and cups of daily joe can make for perfect garden compost. Toothpaste has not only aided me in drying out a zit and kept plaque and bad breath at bay but can also polish silverware, patch up a hole in a wall (white paste), soothe the stinging pain from a bee sting and keep your fingers smelling minty fresh after you've dug your mitts into bags and bags of boiling crab bliss.


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I learned that AltUse with the Toothpaste as a Wall Spackle from Auntie Leonor.