Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy birthday Fort!

We're lazy when it comes to food and dining out. This has become a really bad habit for my husby and since having met me has gotten better, but not quite.

I love cooking and entertaining it's true. Yet those moments when the easiest cop out to nourishment is going out for food, often times fast, we're terrible. When opportunity permits (ie when we have a sitter) we look forward to trying out the newest restaurants and taking in some couple's time and letting go for those few hours. It's tough for us. We don't, whoops I mean I don't, have the luxury to spend hours looking in my closet for an outfit to wear to date night or spend time getting made up. Forget about switching up purses I'm wearing a diaper bag where my only necessities taking up space are my cell, chapstick, wallet and car keys. So when my husby's best friend AKA brother since the age of 4 called to ask us out to dinner we obliged (after some debating of course).

Where you ask will this birthday dinner be? Alhambra's The Boiling Crab Restaurant. Shit. So we, the couple who relys on fast food and take out, has to not only drive through insane SGV traffic but we have to wait god knows how long for some boiled seafood? Sure we've been wanting to try this place out for years now but hearing about their ridiculous policy about "all parties must be present before being seated," turned us off. This better be good and hot damn it was.

The joint was filled to the brim and lucky for us, a 4 top, only waited 30 minutes to be seated. After scanning the dry erase board menu we decided to got with pounds of their shrimp smothered in their 'whole shabang' sauce. Yes, I understand that their crawfish are what set this place apart, actually no, it's their sauce that does but you know what I mean, yet having shrimp we felt would get more bang for our buck. Besides I haven't had crawdaddies since I was 8 years old and I'm positive I'd look like a fool trying to pry the meat out of them.

I've read bad reviews about their quality of seafood and outcome of the finished product but our bags of shrimp came out sweet, firm and not overcooked. The sauce is addicting and quite potent on your fingers as most of you probably already know. A great way to get that garlickly spicy smell is to rub the lime wedges that they offer you onto your hands. They help tons!

Notice all the shrimp heads on my pile? That's because my husband throws them away. I love sucking on them. It's the best part aside from licking my fingers.

Another satisfied customer

Our bill after tip and tax was just under $50. We went a little beer happy this round and the next few visits our bill run just under $23 each time and yes, you guessed correctly we opted for take out. Score! Now if only we could find away 'round SGV traffic.

The Boiling Crab
742 W Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91803-3231
(626) 576-9368


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