Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A welcomed break

Seems not only myself, but a few other blog friends have been on hault with blogging as of late. Life happens and I usually blog about these happenings. For the last couple of months a lot has been going on where I simply cannot find the time to blog. It's the last on my list of priorities. I'm embarrassed since this blog is titled 'daily' donato. Should be more like 'when the urge strikes.'

Mr. Donato has been busy with the daily grind. He's amazing; able to help me through the pregnancy, birth of our son, and rearing of our child all while working full time, going through the school program full time and loving me with full attention and care. He's the absolute best.

I've been working it seems, 24 hours a day. With a growing child and milestones in nugget's life that amaze me it's been a complete blessing. Although I've been going to bed so much earlier than I'm used to and not getting derrrruuuunnk I'm glad I'm still standing. Husby and I have been able to have date nights with the help from my MIL watching nugget for a few hours but that's about as exciting as it gets in our social scene. Oh and if we do go out with friends or attend get-togethers we bring nugget along. He doesn't mind and neither do our friends. They're the best too. I wouldn't have it any other way than being together and just relying on us and no one else. We do not miss staying up till the AM hours. We go out occasionally for drinks here and there don't get me wrong, but partying it up Thursday, Friday, Saturday and throwing in a Sunday event is now, not in our future.The mutual feeling has been, "Been there done that. Time to grow up."

With some penny pinching and careful planning we have been blessed to be able to afford changing our current space into a bigger one. Nugget is growing by the minute and we all could use more room. We're in the beginning stages of renovation, the shopping stage. I've been doing crazy searches on sustainable furniture, eco friendly and child friendly products. I'd love to keep it luxe but on a budget. Our little bungalow is on the cusp of change and I'm excited!

I have a thing for subway tiles as the backsplash.

I'm doing the white cabinets like pictured but maybe a different shade of tiles. White on white is all the rage now but I don't think I could keep it prestine.

If budget allows, a big farmhouse sink.

Husby has been busy looking at other furnishings...

Nugget as mentioned, is growing up so fast and I've already found myself getting 1st birthday ideas. i also have to plan for his dedication. All of that along with home renovations calls for absence in blogging. It's going to get carazy! I greatly appreciate all the readership and will do my best to find the time to keep in touch. Please do not give up on me as I have not given up on this. Stay tuned...

Thank you.


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