Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Donato's do Disneyland with the Dingle's

Abbybee has been planning her extravaganza birthday excursion for months on end. Our nugget was just several months old when she insisted that the cousins get together and celebrate. It was a year ago that day that we last reunited.

The plan, as listed by Abs, would be to gather up at Lany and Chris' house to meet the newest edition to the family, check in to the hotel, settle in for a bit and head out to the park.

photos courtesy of Jong Jong

Nugget is happy to be at the happiest place on earth

After buying passes, upgrading and waiting on our party while the others checked in we finally entered the gates at noon. Lunch time! But first I had to feed my nugget and made our way to the family lounge.

I hadn't given it a second thought that Disneyland even had facilities such as this. Ask me prior to having a baby and I wouldn't even care but now that we have a family of our own we're all over that lounge and it's ammenities. The facilities are very comfortable offering me a semi-private room to nurse. There are several other rooms where you can change your child, potty training facilities, feeding areas and a kitchen to wash and warm any baby food. The building is air conditioned. It was perfect for that particularly hot day. For the next several feedings through the day I was one happy and cool mommy.

Next up - lunch! Everyone met up dining on fried chicken and their choice of sides. We waited here till the remaining party arrived.

My MIL snatching up Jong's chicken. He was starving and apparently so was she.

Ready to roam the park!

The birthday gal and her prince

After lunch we made our way to Tomorrow Land to get a flash pass for space mountain. A 2 hour wait!! From there weaving our way through the crowd, onward to the It's a Small World newly rennovated ride. But first, another food stop.

Corn on the cobb, giant fried chimichangas and turkey legs!!!

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My ma sure loves her fowl friends.

After everyone got their fill of food we made our way to the It's a Small World ride. We all boarded, with the exception of Ma, who stayed behind.

After feeling nauseated from the repetative singing, not the ride itself we went up to Toon Town but not before having another, you guessed it, food break! This time for ice cream and drinks. Ma, nugget and I stayed behind while the crew went to ride the rollercoaster.

Several feedings later, a couple of rides in, the Donato's called it a day. Time to go home. We were pooped! It was so refreshing seeing everyone and finding the time to get together even through our busy lives.


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Abby said...

lol thanks for coming guys! really surprised me!