Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nesting: In search of the best twigs and lawn debris

I suppose every expecting parent goes through the nesting faze.
I find myself getting a little kooky with it. This weekend we're cleaning out our closet to make room for a dresser that we're relocating from our bedroom.
My shoes (shitloads) will then move into the laundry room atop metal wire storage racks. We're making way for a new bassinet for our little chicken.
Not only are we doing some heavy duty repositioning and relocating, we're doing major cleaning.

And not just 'wiping down the coffee table, vacuuming our carpet, catching up on laundry' type of cleaning I mean some serious 'get on your knees and reach for those dust bunnies, this white wall's not white enough, don't forget the base boards' cleaning. I'm talking about going places and corners people only come across once a year-if even that.

I'm excited!!!

Kooky I tell you. Kooky.

We yet to have bought a stroller and with all the options and specs how could you find one that fits you and your precious cargo??

I've looked at all price points and at all features and have an idea what I'm looking for in a stroller.
I'll let you folks know when we finally settle down on one- which will probably have to be within the next couple of weeks.


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