Saturday, July 31, 2010

A proposal

Mr. Donato threw a no-brainer offer at me. Or at least at the time it was.
"I know you've been wanting to rennovate the kitchen. What you do say we skip our vacation and put that amount toward this project?"

Uhm, yes. Hell yes!

Maybe I can finally get that farmhouse sink after all. Yipee!

Fast forward several weeks later I find myself asking, how much longer will we have to wait until we can comfortably take a family vacation? Would I have to be chained to that natural stone counter top till we can recoup some funds? More menu planning to come? Was this a trick question? Hmmm.

Kitchen rennovations are some if not the most expensive changes to a home. DIY projects save you more greenbacks while hiring professionals can rack its way up to the $100k mark to include design, products, and installation. You wont see me anywhere near that range.
Our kitchen is, cozy. It's not the fanciest yet gets the work done and truly makes magic. It's treated me well. Ideally I would love to have our breakfast nook area, which is seperated by a wall from our kitchen, spilling onto our outdoor courtyard. The flow, the chi of the space would be wonderous. Knock down that seperating wall and I'm in heaven. Entertaining for days!!!

If I take him up on the offer I have a lot of planning ahead of me and like any major purchase, there's a budget and we should spend what we can afford.

I'm grateful enough to have some of you recommend vendors and businesses where I can pick up materials and appliances at an affordable price. So to those of you, thank you.

To take it on, or not?

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