Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Biggest Loser Challenge

I'm referencing of course to the game show and its concept: Take a group of ordinary Joe's who have dealt with body weight issues, struggled with self-confidence and want total change, put them on a strenuous work-out schedule and strict diet over the course of several months and see who, at the end, comes through weighing the least amount and feeling good about it!
In between the course of the diet/recovery program, each participants' progress is recorded with weight-ins.

And since you can't have a pizza hanging over the treadmill as a motivator, they throw in a wad of cash. It's all about the green backs if you ask me and while you're at it, lose some weight too.

This part, unfortunately, does not reign true for me.
You see, my company has taken part in our very own 'Biggest Loser Challenge.' Not as intense as the TV show, is run at your own pace, with weight-in's every few weeks and, no moola as an incentive. And what's the point now?

I'm not taking this challenge as seriously, doing this mostly for fun and information. Our diet has changed compared to what and how we use to eat. We indulge here and there, fall off track, but for the most part we're doing much better than before. Here are some examples.

*Red meat is now eaten once maybe twice a week and considered a 'treat' for us. This is where I purchase lovely tender cuts of filet mignon's or go ravenous at a korean bbq joint for date night. Cowboy ribeyes are a thing of the past unless we split it.

*Fast food is limited and if we do go out, are thoughtful of our choice. We do however miss King Taco and Hooter's three mile-isle wings. Now I can just as simply create my own flavor packet controlling as much or as little of the sodium. A great plus for us! Grilling them, in my opinion, are sooo much better tasting.

*For the most part I've given up on soda's but occassionaly have a sprite. I don't do diet soda. It is not one of my weight loss tools. I absolutely hate anything "synthetic" and "artificial sugar."

*Fat, steaming bowls of calrose white rice have been replaced with brown and/or an occassional other grain. Sometimes we skip out starches entirely. Oatmeal has become our friend and congee, is loved by everyone not just the little one.

*Tofu and/or a vegetarian menu has replaced a meal during the week. Vegetable intake has increased thrice fold and the Husby is getting to know and enjoy more seafood. Yes, it has gone beyond wild caught salmon.

God only knows with old age comes a lower metabolism. Fortunately as Angeleno's we're spoiled with year round gorgeous weather which calls for the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Get active outside! We prefer this to working out in a gym.
It's work in progress and we're learning together to find a balance where we're not having a low-sodium, low-fat, no-sugar, false sugar, high protein, cabbage soup diet, etc. diet. God bless those who do!

We love what we eat and I have to say we've been feeling pretty damn good and looking pretty good. I've lost 10 lbs already.

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SinoSoul said...

no $? why not!? I'd totally drop 20 lbs to win $400. Not that I have 20 lbs to give but...