Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting High.

It was a matter of time before all of our joyous outings and delicious adventures in food would catch up to us. At our yearly physical exam a full panel screen was administered and holy shit, are the results alarming!

Which is why I decided today for lunch I'd indulge in a high saturated, high triglyceride, high sodium, no-good-for-you but ooh-so-good tasting filipino meal.

Lumpia (shanghai) - a type of eggroll, fried, mainly filled with meat. In this case, ground pork and teeny tiny bit of aromatics.

Boneless Bangus (boneless milkfish) - split and fried.

Pickled mustard geens, tomatoes and onions - Probably one, the only one thing that was healthiest.

Dinardaraan / Dinuguan (depending on your dialect) - Savory filipino stew of blood and meat (typically stomach, intestines, ears, and snout) simmered in a rich, spicy gravy of pig blood, garlic, chili, and vinegar. Yep, another pork dish with no vegetables.

Longaniza - Pork sausage similar to chorizo except this version is slightly sweeter. I threw it on the frying pan to crisp it up even more. I love them crunchy.

Do you see the reocurring theme here?

My cholesterol level is swiftly rising.

Controlled restraint. I love dindardaraan! Notice the portion control? I could have easily, easily had a huge bowl of it.

I already feel my levels rising but damn, was it finger lickin' good.

A week from tomorrow my work place is hosting a Biggest Loser competition with monies at stake with a buy in price of course. I could use to lose the last dozen post baby pounds and a piece of the pot wouldn't hurt either. Be on the look-out for a complete u-turn on my dining options and a real effort in eating healthier- for all of us. As for today's choice, no regrets. I loved every bit of it.



djjewelz said...

Beautiful pictures!

Tito Jong said...

Dude, you suck. Just sayin.

The realness of the Longinisa and DINUGUAN just makes me want to jump in the screen.


Mrs. Donato said...

Djjewelz: Thanks!

Jong: You'll get your greasy fix soon enough.