Thursday, October 1, 2009

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Diaz

In a society where over 50% of marriages end in divorce and/or seperation, falling in love and staying in a loving and commited marriage can be a daunting and frightening thought. To begin with, how does one know if that person is the one?

You can go by the many expressions like: "You feel like you have butterflies in your stomach," "You can't eat or sleep because all you want is to be with them, see them or touch them," or "When you know, you just know."

For me I met my husband by happenstance. We were both in semi-serious relationships at the time and as all relationships go, had some disagreements with our then-partners. It was through this wonderful virtual world that we connected. It all began with a band named KoRn and this little city of Bakersfield.

Through friendly phone converstaions and with those two things in common our phone calls grew into a trusting and comforting friendship where we could come to one another for a shoulder to lean on, cry on, or for a good laugh. We had filled a void that was empty in our then-relationships and out of respect to them, decided it best to part ways. I would miss him.

Fast forward several years later. I received a birthday email reminder. He's alive! *The strange thing about this bit of info is that I hadn't received birthday reminders for years past. I tried to contact him through several outlets and finally was able to reach him. A simple, "N***? How are you? Btw, it's Novy" was all it took to spark another one of our epic conversations. We had so much to say! I had reunited with my friend!

Our friendship budded into a relationship. My friend became my best friend. I knew the moment after our reunion conversation that I would marry this man. And I did. He was the one who was there for me from the beginning and though time had past he never left my heart. There isn't a day that I don't want to be away from him. I still get butterflies in my stomach and when I knew, I knew.

The Donato's had the privilege this last weekend to join a church filled with people who love, respect and care for our friends Anne and Robey, and witness as they pledge their wedding vows. This day had finally arrived and they were forever joined in matrimony. It was a beautiful ceremony and I teared, I must admit.

I could not express enough how much love filled the air, how not a single frown appeared throughout the day (except maybe at the heat wave), and how each guest left confident and in faith of the happy couple.

"Marriage should not be so much about looking at each other but looking in the same direction together. Remember the positive things that brought you together and then concentrate on positive goals to achieve as a couple."

May our friends out-do one another in kindness, never go to bed angry and continue to love and support one another. Thank you both for including us in your special day. Anne and Robey we wish you all the very best that God has to offer in this beautiful journey of marriage and we're so happy you found your "one's." We love you both!


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