Monday, March 23, 2009

Scariest places on Earth

Remember MTV's Fear? This show aired in 2000 when a group of 5 participants were placed in an alleged haunted location to investigate whether or not the place was indeed haunted. Channel surfing during lunch lead me to SciFi's very own rendition, Scariest Places on Earth.

The show is hosted by The Exorcists' Linda Blair and narrated by Zelda Rubinstein who is best known for her distinct voice. You may recognize her voice from the movie Poltergeist.

The concept is still the same except where the particpants aren't related in the MTV show, SciFi's places families in haunted locations acroos the globe. Today's mid-day episode is a two parter where the family returns to a cursed italian monastery: Return to Lucedio.

Some of the family members are characters taunting the spirits and even asking them the ultimate question, "Why can't we be friends?"

This show makes for good lunch time television.


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