Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So here's a recap of all the goals and tasks I wanted to accomplish or rather follow religiously. I'd say I'm in the red at some items. Some things have got to give.

a)PP diet and weight loss: I found that the more I lost, even though it was a few pounds in a couple of weeks, my milk supply diminishes (not so good). Lord knows water weight is hard to lose especially when I'm thirsty while feeding my nugget.
Not only that but I think my mother in law is secretly trying to keep me plump. She came by on Sunday to drop off lunch; Lechon, Pancit, Shepard's Pie, Baked Mac N' Cheese, Italian Salad and chinese strawberry sponge cake. Ugh.

It's a catch 22 in the world of dieting and breastfeeding. I still can't fit into my post pregnancy jeans but that comes way last when it comes to nourishing my guy.

b)Living within our means by spending a strict amount each week: Geez. That went straight to hell several days after I made that proposal. It's gotten better here and there but we do and have dined out occasionally.

Last week for example, I purchased some amazing produce at the Santa Monica Farmers Market and yet for lunch that very same day spent $50 on shrimp at none other than Bubba Gumps the epitome of tourist trap dining. Hmph. I'm embarassed.

This one's a tough one to keep on track since I love dining out and experiencing all the wonderful cuisine and new restaurants Los Angeles has to offer. Better than NYC right honey? :P

c)Making meals at home: Spending time with my family is my absolute favorite thing to do and what we do together doesn't matter as long as we are together. Cliche isn't it?

We've made some wonderful meals together and dined al fresco in our lovely backyard patio. Matter of fact Husby just bought a awesomely new BBQ grill (totally going against my previous point) which we've already put to good use. The weather in Pasadena has just been beautiful minus that one Sunday that brought in rain. With spring already here I expect to spend more time outdoors with my family before the real heat comes.

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