Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Doritos and a Grand Slam on Super Bowl Sunday

It feels good being back in the kitchen.

I love making meals for my family. I love trying new recipes and creating new ones and making delicious meals with a hodge podge of ingredients that you have laying around. Very Iron Cheffy.

Last night while many of you were dining on festive foods of pigs in a blanket, hot wings, pizza, chips and salsa, burgers or ribs I made a lovely dinner for my husband of shrimp scampi, rice pilaf and eggplant gratin. Not Super Bowl Sunday 'esque dining but he enjoyed it.
I wanted to end it with some homemade brownies but knew I wouldn't be able to fit any of it in my stomach. Plus my husband isn't as big on desserts as I am.

Super Bowl Sunday brings forth a plethora of commercials. Some were hits and lots were misses. Here's one that's a hit with us as well as the other millions of viewers.

As for today's dining choices, I probably won't go to too much of great lengths to cook dinner even though yesterday's took aproximately 1 hour.

Here's one other commercial that caught my eye. See if you can spot "discreet advertising."

I'll try and convince my husband to go into work a little bit later so we can jump on this.

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