Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The waiting game...

It's been almost two weeks since my last posting and I've just been sitting at home waiting for our LO to arrive. I can't say I've been psychotically nesting because I've been preparing for baby's arrival for some time now.
Today I've done everything I'd normally do in my daily routine as far as chores are concerned; made the bed, washed any dishes, laundry if need be, some tidying and sorting of our living room area and office space. I cleaned out the pantry and fridge and realized I really need to stock up on food. Baby is going to be here any day and I know that we'll have less and less time to just get up and go out for milk or eggs.

For the last couple of days I've been slumping around but today I'm feeling energized to go out and roam the isles of Whole Foods and buy groceries. I've compiled my list and made a weekly dinner menu which, by the way, has really helped us budget. Plus I really enjoy making meals and trying out new and delicious recipes. My husband has really loved some of the meals I've made and they've become staples in our home.

I plan to make more home cooked meals and take this new approach to the new year. We're going to save up since we'll be remodeling for our dream kitchen next year and with rising costs of supplies and goods we'll need all the help we can get. The closer I get to that dream kitchen the more I'm sure I'll be cooking in it.

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