Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I beg your pardon. But how much was that again?

Being in my last trimester I began researching on local schools most particularly private education. One awesome site is
I began searching for local preschools and our first option was Lake Avenue Church preschool. This is conveniently located close to home and even closer to my husbands job which makes it much easy to drop off and pick our tot up.
The tuition was very reasonable in comparison to this joint At $18,675 a year (K-5 grade), not including application fees and number fund raisers we'd be expected to attend and contribute, I'll be on one fast road to early cardiac arrest. Gasp!
With average wait lists of 2 years and up it's been way overdue to start looking at early education schooling. Your experiences and recommendations would be highly appreciated!


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