Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Market Grill- Monrovia, CA

This quaint sandwich shop located on the corner of Colorado and Shamrock in Monrovia is nestled snuggly within and to the left of a small market. Open from 11am - 7pm Monday's thru Saturday I didn't stroll in here for their classic cold case sandwiches or their hot on the griddle burgers atop of homemade buns. Oh no, today's treat would be their homemade chocolate chip bacon cookies.

Now, forgive me if this has already been done. I know I'm way behind the food trends and I'm sure this recipe could be duplicated at home. I mean, is it really that hard to mix in maple smoked bacon into cookie batter and bake? No, not for me but tell that to my uncooperative oven with varying hot spots which makes baking anything for that matter a big pain in my ass. The Donato clan would not be happy with a frustrated wife/mom cursing her oven. So, instead I make my way here after a mid day matinĂ©e watching Battle L.A. (great movie btw). Behind a line of hungry patrons, most of whom are locals or locals bringing their weekend guests, I wait patiently till I get up to the counter where these bad boys are cradled in a basket. 

Today's momma fresh baked specials were cake pops, peanut butter cookies, PBJ cookies and the BCC cookies. No nutella versions today. Be forewarned as these are just average sized cookies and not the beyond-normal proportion cookies that so many of us are used to paying. Two baggies, four cookies in total, $3 and some change later I walk out a happy gal.

When opening each bag you can't ignore the smokey aroma coming from the bacon and the sweetness of the chocolate.

Upon closer inspection (oink!oink!) you can see pieces of the candied bacon.

Soft centered cookies with crisy edges just the way I like them.


Each cookie had a good ratio of chocolate to bacon to dough. The bacon was maple smoked so the cookie didn't need all that much bacon pieces for the scent and flavor to permeate the disc. As it turned out the bacon didn't have a lot of saltiness to it which I thought would have given the cookie a nice balance to the smokiness and sweetness coming from it and the semi sweet chocolate chips.

The Market Grill
525 South Shamrock Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016
(626) 303-4314


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Becky said...

Hi there !! I am the baker for the Market Grill and I am honored that you would enjoy the cookies so much and the pictures you took are amazing..........thank you again for being a BCC fan. I look forward to you tasting all of the rest of the food and is guests like you that keep me on my toes and wanting to make your taste buds happy

Becky - aka Momma's Goodies