Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Far busier than before, a tale of tasks.

You'd think with all this time on my hands after the rest and relaxation and "personal vacay's" I would have the opportunity to tackle my ever-growing list of things to do around the home and projects that have been put on hold NOT adding more to it. I'm sure it has happened to the best of us.

You see, it all became clear today as I noticed the light switch to my son's room is on the verge of shorting. This put's a hold on my errands and projects for the day as my electrician did not give me a definative time that he would arrive. "I'll be there after I'm through with this job." Great. The hungry bird gets the worm and with that said did a walk through around my charming Pasadena bungalow and made yet again another list of things to do around the house and projects to tackle. Because of course, you got to get your ass off the couch, feed the beast and make moves.With spring cleaning just around the corner what have you been putting off? Or what places have you been wanting to visit or things to do?

Here's just a snippet of mine:
-Prepping a small plot of land for our vegetable garden.
-Re-bricking my front patio.
-Re-organize my closet. Follow the rule of thumb, if you have't worn in recently its best you give it up. Shoes and accessories don't apply of course.
-Spring cleaning. I meant heavy duty stuff fare beyond the usual scrubbing and dusting. I mean doing things that you dont' do on a regular basis. For example, de-greasing the air vent above the stove or deep cleaning my oven. Or washing window screens and carpets. Lot's to do but well over-due.
-Take advantage of all the free and fun things to do around the city; museums with my tot, farmer markets.

Update 6:46pm

Guess who finally showed up?!

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