Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekly menu planning: June 14th-21st

This week is much different than any other week. Come to think about it as previously mentioned this month is pulling us in all different directions. Funny how life has it's way with you right when you think you have a hand on it. *sigh*

Today we discovered a gas leak that was more of a plumbing issue. Go figure! We had to tap into our account thus making the menu planning that much more important for us to break even. *sigh*

With Father's day ending this week and another celebration, kick starting next, we continue onward with diligence.

Monday 6/14:
-Brekkie: Instant soup. I jazzed it up by adding veggie to sustain me through to lunch. Nugget had Joe's O's, yogurt and half a banana.

-Lunch: Turkey sandwich, dried fruit and nut mix, water

-Dinner: Shrimp with Mungo and spinach over steamed rice. One of my standby comforting dishes. Even during these warm summer months I can always for a bowl of this.

Tuesday 6/15:
-Brekkie: Pastry of the day (bought from work cafe), cup of coffee (brought from home)
Nugget enjoys: berry mixed applesauce, grilled cheese sandwich

-Lunch: Take out lunch special from neighborhood thai spot; Chicken yellow curry, steamed rice, salad with peanut sauce dressing, vegetable eggroll

-Dinner: BBQ ranchera chicken, pico de gallo. For dessert, a coke float.

Wednesday 6/16:
-Brekkie: Fruit bowl from merchant at the Santa Monica farmer's market. If we have time maybe some Sweet Rose Creamery on the way back.

-Lunch: Take out lunch at Krua Thai. I'll be picking up the husby in North Hollywood so I figured I pick up a tasty lunch while near.

-Dinner: Dinner in Westwood. We'll be attending the Anthony Bourdain event at UCLA's Royce Hall. I still haven't decided where we'll dine or if we'll dine before or after the show. I will however, have some pre-show cocktails =)

Thursday 6/17:
-Brekkie: Oatmeal with cinnamon and dried fruit, coffee with creamer

-Lunch: Homemade Gỏi cuốn with spicy peanut sauce, apple

-Dinner: Chicken Paillard w/creamy dijon sauce, black beans and rice

Friday 6/18:
-Brekkie: I'll probably get something at work and have a cup of coffee brought from home. Nugget: sliced apples, oatmeal, milk

-Lunch: Bought at work

-Dinner: Steak and potatoes. Filet mignon, buttered fingerling potatoes and zucchini

Saturday 6/19:
-Brekkie: Over-easy egg and pan fried spam, steamed rice, coffee

-Lunch: Spam musubi. Yay to left over spam, rice and handy dandy nori!

-Dinner: Spaghetti ala bolognese, vegan vanilla soy dream dreamwich

Sunday 6/20:
Happy Father's day!
We'll be traveling to Santa Barbara and will be dining out for all meals this day. Should be a great family day for us! Please stay posted.


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