Sunday, April 11, 2010

Heeee's back! Banksy in L.A.

One (of many) of my favorite street artist is in town, again. *squeal*

With a long time fellowship and dozens of graffiti books side by side on my home office shelves, an opportunity came in 2006 for myself and 30,000 other aficionados to see his behemoth exhibition debuted in a non descript warehouse in L.A. Sure I could've gone to his pop up store in New York Oct. 2008 titled, 'The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill,' but being 7 months pregnant, was prohibited from flying. Shoot! It has been four, count 'em four years, since my last highly concentrated dose of the man behind the riveting and cheeky street art.

Yes Banksy, the British artist synonymous for the graffiti/stencil style art with an international reputation is premiering his film, 'Exit through the Gift Shop' in L.A.

It took only a matter of moments before his pieces popped up in the city.

Update Apr. 12

He hits my cousin-in-law's office parking lot over the weekend

Bombing on La Brea and 4th

Photo courtesy of Ben Phen

Below are snippets of the hijinks and what has been dubbed without a doubt, 'The World's first street art disaster movie.' Till then, be sure to check here for a cinema near you.


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