Friday, October 23, 2009

Home is where the heart is

We've been renovating our home for the last four months and we're finally ready to move in. We're down to painting our kitchen but for the most part the other rooms are ready to be decorated and vacated.

For the last few weeks I've been doing online browsing and getting inspired for nugget's first birthday coming up in December. I've decided to go with a jungle/animal theme inspired by Hefty zoo pal paper plates I bought when nugget was just a mere 3 months old. Oh how time flies by!

Aside from that major task we've been looking purchase new items for our home. From drapery, to floor lamps, to bar items and even credenza's. I'd like to share an easy picture blog post with you of some things that I admire and some that inspire.

Okay so this item wasn't on the 'to buy' list but like pavlov's dog, I had a sudden craving for ramen.


Far from your typical college dorm torchiere floor lamp

These among other items really inspired me to make our house into a home that was warm and inviting, function yet hip to our taste. I'll be sure to post up pictures noting our changes along the way.

Thanks for your readership!


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