Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Teavana- Heaven of Tea

Teavana, part tea bar part tea emporium, is now open in the newly built promenade at the Arcadia Mall.

The first visit drew me in, nose first. The sweet brew had me asking, "What blend is that and how can I get my mitts on it?" Teavana was swamped with customers and with little to no help and some observation I found out what the brew was and pounced right on it. Not only was it delish but contained health benefits-tasting good and feeling good too!

Prices were unbelievable, depending on the type and blend of tea, and at $5.50 per 2 oz. for my blend I was one happy momma. Mind you 2 oz of loose leaf tea makes roughly 15 cups of tea which equates to a bit over 30 cents a cup! You know you love those odds and what better way then coming in to Teavana and finding the right brew for your tastebuds, you and your body. Be sure to sample the hot and cold brews of teas throughout the store. Again prices differ but I'm sure you can save money by buying by the bag.

They carry more than teas offering a rainbow of choices of tea cups, various pots, kettles, tea sets and tools. For the tie hard tea lovers Teavana also offers a tea of the month club. Teavana also gives back to the world community where their teas are grown donating a percent of their annual profits. Kudos!

400 S. Baldwin Ave.
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 821-0849

Find your local Teavana here!


carrol said...

thank you for such amazing information....if you love tea just like me....please check out the blog mentioned below its really cool....!!!i'm sure you'll love it!!!


Mrs. Donato said...

Carrol- I just began delving into the world of tea. It's so fascinating and informative! Thanks for the link! :)