Thursday, March 26, 2009

AYCE KBBQ - say what?

Craving AYCE (all you can eat) Korean BBQ and not wanting to head out to K-town on such short notice we quickly googled this place and, what the hell, gave it a shot.

$17.99 included 4 types of meat- chicken, bulgogi, brisket and pork belly (yum!), sliced onions and a mushroom a person for the grill (wth?!), steamed rice, and about a dozen banchan including their sizzling kimchi and tofu stone pot soup (gye gran jjimand steamed egg soup. MMmm delish!
I suppose anyone else wouldn't mind the lack of veggies but my husby knows that I'd eat more of the veggies over the meats. One mushroom per person, in my opinion, was cheap.

While the banchan weren't bad flavorwise the meats, excluding the chicken, could've used more time marinating. The brisket came out frozen and curled just like the kind you find at mangolian bbq places. The bulgogi was bland-a downside for us since we've had more flavorful tasting beef elsewhere- and the pork belly was just too fatty for my taste. I particularly enjoy pork belly but this tasted off.

The restaurant uses gas rather than charcoal which made it hard for us to control the heat on the grill- that and the ventilation wasn't strong enough to pull up all that smoke. Service was not steller and we had to constantly flag down a waitress to fill our water glasses. There's nothing worse than your glass on empty while BBQ in front of a grill with horrible ventilation and air conditioning at that.

Upon finishing our meal we did notice the sign behind us that noted any parties with leftover meat (whether that meant cooked or not was not clear) would be charged an additional $20 to their bill. That could pose a problem so we were sure to finish what was in front of us for fear of being charged extra. Our bill totaled up to roughly $45 dollars (overpriced in my book) and included a large Hite for my hubs.

Next time we'll plan dinner ahead of time and make the trek over to K-town (maybe to Gui Rim) for a better deal with better tasting food and more options.


Seoul Jung Korean BBQ
1431 S Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 447-5479

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