Friday, February 27, 2009

Mad about organics!

I'm a big believer and follower of organic products; buying, cooking, and eating organic as much as possible. Time to time we do crave and "slip" dining out where organic is not served or buying items that aren't. While organic is more expensive we're getting better about it especially since we've decided the health benefits outweight the savings in cost. Many of you fellow readers may think otherwise and have your opinions but this choice is solely ours.

It began early in our relationship when I began buying organic fruits, veggies and milk followed by eating more free range and organic meats and proteins. Husby wasn't too keen on the idea and always asked, "what's the big deal? That apple isn't any different from the next one but it cost more?!"

Fast forward several years later to a phone call converation while he was in the laboratory and had just watched a documentary about mad cow disease or the scientific term Bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

"We're gonna start eating organic NOW," he said with strong authority.

Ok so mad cow is nothing to laugh about. For those who don't know how the disease is transmitted it's done by feeding cattle remains of other cattle in the form of ground meat and bones. Frankly, it's frightening and the effects on the human body are more so. So much that the video spooked him so bad that we are now shopping and eating organics, free range, and non chemical/pesticide/hormone free products.

I had to question his sudden change since he is a HUUUGE meat eater. This man loves his steaks! There is not one week we don't go without firing up the grill or have a red meat entree on our plate.

Interestingly I had two non-organic rib eye's marinating in the fridge and had made a lovely chimichurri sauce to go with it. Needlessly enough we did not throw those away. We won't be throwing out anything we already have int the fridge, freezer or pantry but today with a grocery list in tow will begin shopping exclusively organic at either TJ's or Whole Foods. R.I.P Wild Oats you were missed.


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