Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas browsing

Good morning and happy Sunday! I've been on bed rest for the last couple of day due to some major BH contractions. I thought i was going into early labor. Eek!

So with all that time keeping my feet elevated and holding back from running errands and doing chores I've done some online browsing this morning for early stocking stuffers. With the economy going down the drain and money being tight I found some cute ideas that are wallet friendly and sure to make your gift recipient smile.
Oh and these all run under $10!

GIANTmicrobes offers cute stuffed, well, microbes. Cute and inexpensive. This is getting good.

My husband at all costs avoids having to wear ties unless of course the occassion calls for it. In which case falls under weddings, funerals, corporate speaking events. We went out to a nice dinner a few days ago and saw that most of the male patrons of the restaurant were in either ties or collared shirts. My husband wore the shirt I bought him. How sweet of him to do that!
So I thought I'd slip these into his stocking this Christmas so he'd never feel underdressed (which BTW, I'm sure he could care less).

Here's for the traveler in all of us.

Not only is it bright and bold so you can quickly sweep it off the belt in luggage claim but it has also has a friendly note to anyone who should handle it or misclaim it. Let 'em know it's just not worth the hassle.

And finally everyone, and I mean everyone, has a bud smoking/toking friend. I have a couple in mind.

Well I'm off getting my day going with some light errand running and some grocery shopping followed by lunch with my husband. Look out for more stocking stuffer ideas when I return but for now have a wonderful day!


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